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Your First Appointment

We understand that at this difficult time it may be hard for you to be on top of all the issues confronting you. So, prior to meeting with us it is a good idea to think about what you hope to achieve, at least in the short term.

To help you with this, before to our first meeting, we will provide you with an Information & Instruction Form (please see the form below) requesting key details (such as names, dates of birth, date of separation etc.). It is vital that you complete and return this Form as soon as possible. We would prefer to listen to your story and provide you with effective preliminary advice during our first meeting, rather than spend time making notes of your key details.

We will need details of your (and your former spouse’s) assets and liabilities. Sometimes, however, you simply will not know any information about their financial circumstances. We understand, so just do the best you can for the purposes of the first appointment.

If you are married, please bring with you a copy of your marriage certificate.

If you are divorced, also bring with you a copy of your Divorce Order.

If Court proceedings have already started, please bring with you a copy of all Court documents, including Orders.

We also recommend that you bring copies of any letters you have sent or received in relation to your family law matter. Additionally, if there are certain documents that are important to you, or you have questions about, please bring these with you too.

We hope this information will help you get the most out of your first appointment with us, and look forward to meeting you soon.