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How We Work

Brenda and her team will work with you to achieve your goals. This usually means that a negotiated outcome can be achieved.

We understand that contact during regular business hours is sometimes difficult. So, we offer very flexible communication means and are able to provide legal advice in a variety of ways, including by way of:

  • office appointments;
  • telephone appointments;
  • skype or facetime consultations; or
  • email.

Sometimes, all that is needed is some advice to prepare for a mediation or assistance with the Court process. Wagga Family Lawyers can help with as much or as little assistance as you require.

For example, you might want to represent yourself at court hearings, or simply cannot afford the cost of full representation.  You will probably need help with drafting the legal documents that commence the court process, or to respond to an application brought against you.

In such cases we can assist by drafting those documents, giving you confidence that they have been effectively and correctly written and presented. From there you can proceed knowing you are on the right track.

What We Charge

We understand that the end of a relationship brings great stress, both of an emotional and financial kind. We will work with you to solve your problems in the most cost effective way.

Normally we will charge at an agreed hourly rate and in some cases, there may be a fixed fee. In some property matters it may be possible to defer the payment of our costs until the conclusion of the matter. All these options will be discussed at the initial consultation.

At our first meeting we will recommend the fee structure that will best work to your advantage.

We can provide both full and limited representation.