Wagga Family Lawyers.

We’re dedicated to your Family Law matters.

Wagga Family Lawyers.

We’re dedicated to your Family Law matters.

Who We Are

Wagga Family Lawyers is a boutique law firm located in regional Australia with a focus on the needs of regional people. Wagga Family Lawyers’ small but dedicated team can assist with a range of matters relating to family law, such as family dispute resolution, property settlements and mediation, parenting arrangements, and divorce. We are also able to assist with the preparation of Wills, Enduring Guardianships and Powers of Attorney.

We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, friendly, reliable service, and helping people through what is often the most difficult times of their lives. Our extensive experience in family law enables our team to easily navigate the murky waters of complex parenting and property matters. Whether you are a concerned parent, grandparent, wife, husband, or de facto spouse, we can help you fight for your rights.

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We will support you throughout the family law process, whether that be attending mediation, commencing court proceedings, or finalising parenting and/or property agreements.

Below are just some examples of matters our firm has been involved in over the years:

  • Navigating clients through complex property settlement matters which involve companies, trusts and self-managed superfunds.
  • Successfully arguing at trial for a change to a young boys’ living arrangements because of false allegations made by the other parent against our client.
  • Successfully arguing matters where one party has wasted assets through behaviour such as gambling and other addictions.
  • Assisting a parent with no local support system to be able to move away to be closer to family/ financial support.
  • Assisting clients in complex property negotiations where parties have received inheritances during the relationship.
  • Assisting clients with prenuptial arguments and other financial agreements.
  • Matters involving serious mental health issues, addiction issues or other risk issues in parenting matters.
  • Complex parenting matters involving very young children.
  • Successfully arguing for our client to spend time with their young child after months of the child being withheld from our client by the other parent.
  • Successfully arguing for children to live with their grandmother when their parents neglected and abused them.
  • Preparing settlement agreements to protect the property rights of clients.
  • Matters involving family or domestic violence allegations in parenting matters.
  • Urgently preventing the unilateral sale or disposal of property by one spouse or partner.
  • Matters where a spouse or partner is out of time to commence financial proceedings against the other spouse or partner.
  • Discovering hidden assets.
  • Matters where property is overseas.
  • Successfully arguing for a change in a child’s living arrangements when the other parent refuses to engage in court proceedings.
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Our Advantages

Small but dedicated legal practice providing assistance for a range of matters relating to family law and defacto relationships.

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What Our Clients Say

“Going through a family law matter can cause a great sum of stress and anxiety.

Brenda and the team at Wagga Family Lawyers were both understanding and professional in every aspect and were with me every step of the way, whilst also reaching an equitable outcome for my family law matter.

I’d be more than happy to recommend Waggy Family Lawyers to my friends and family.”

Malcolm Harwood

“Any family law matter can be very daunting and overwhelming. I have used Wagga family lawyers for many years and have benefited from remaining with the same team throughout my  very difficult journey. When having to disclose sensitive and confidential information regarding personal matters Grace has always worked with a high professional level of integrity and empathy. Knowing you have someone who has your back can take away so much stress and anxiety in such a dark time.”

Grace Kember

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